Teaching women how to release the emotio

Hi, I'm Malia Mekuli

Malia has worked with thousands of women around the world to conquer anxiety, depression and emotional overwhelm so they can lead fulfilling lives doing what they love.

Malia is now teaching heart-centred leaders, human-rights advocates & entrepreneurs how to amplify their business through the art of storytelling.

Malia is a passionate leader of change who creates an emotional sanctuary for her clients to activate their truest potential so they can create a legacy that supports their life-purpose, family, and community.

Yoga at Home

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Evolve & Prosper

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    Complimentary body scan with every appointment.

Free Private Facebook Community to inspire heart-centred women to create freedom, empowerment and change through spiritual alignment.

You’ll be mentored to evolve into the best version of yourself and enter a realm where everything is possible.





Experience a full immersion of the senses in the native bush of Waitetuna Retreat where you will learn the 4 steps to relieving anxiety, depression and emotional overwhelm. You will also have the option of attending healing meditations, yoga classes and a healing expo throughout the duration of your stay.

11th - 12th December 2021
Waitetuna Retreat, Raglan
(Accommodation & meals provided)

This online workshop is designed to show you how to recognize and strengthen your intuition.

Date: 22nd - 25th November 2021
Time: 5pm - 6pm daily
Investment: Your undivided attention

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