My Story

Our soul wounds have many sources; mine were forged in the acts of betrayal and abuse I encountered in my childhood.
The lack of safety to receive genuine love or nurture, left my heart craving attention from less harmonious environments.
The refuge I sought in abusing myself with drugs and alcohol inevitably eroded my sense of self worth, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake.
Ultimately, Angels were sent to me in perfect timing and the foundation of self-repair was laid. Finally being heard, seen and supported in my truth allowed space for my Soul gifts to flourish.
My Angels established a direct connection inward and offered guidance to help me acknowledge and heal my soul wounds.
Now in turn, i have acquired tools that have made me strong in previously weak area's.
I am here to stand and speak up, to offer those like me the guidance and love to call forth their own healing within too.


"Deep wounds have been healed and I finally feel safe to connect and authentically express myself.
 I cannot recommend her enough."

Whaea Rehua


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