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My Story

How I conquered substance abuse, an eating disorder, anxiety, depression and emotional overwhelm. If you are struggling with any of these, I invite you to book a FREE clarity call with me to find out how we can conquer these for you too!


4 Steps to Emotional Healing

When our pain surfaces we tend to go on the defense. Emotions such as anger, frustration and annoyance fuel the fire disguising the truth of what we are feeling. In the act of sitting with our pain and showing it virtues such as compassion, acceptance and love, we begin to witness something beautiful. Pain and hurt begin to unravel. Through the unravelling process we have an opportunity to take back our power and release ourselves from the control that this experience once held. I offer you this simple 4 step guide of expression, acceptance, acknowledgement and freedom as a tool to assist you on your healing journey.



Wondering why you are struggling to understand or see your life purpose? This may be the answer...

Cultivating acceptance can only be achieved by forming a relationship with ourselves. In order to progress on your healing journey, you must be willing to acknowledge, accept and integrate the shadow aspects that were exiled through shame. The deeper we allow ourselves to go within, the easier it becomes to recognize our life’s purpose. To help your journey of self-acceptance, I offer you these downloads. Many of you may know this as affirmations.



Vulnerability is TERRIFYING! Join my private community where we can share our vulnerabilities together and support each other through the highs and lows that this human experience has to offer. ❤️


Empathy & Emotional Overwhelm

Everyone has the potential to become an awakened/activated empath. - Emotional overwhelm stimulates fear. By healing your relationship with your emotions, you also heal your relationship with fear.