“Dreaming is a gateway to shifting your reality from one of lack, to one of prosperity.”

I believe that as Divine sparks of God, we all hold within us the ability to witness and create our future at will.

As a child I had a vast imagination that kept me entertained for hours. My imagination had the ability to morph and shift into a moving image as soon as someone began sharing stories about their experiences. I felt as if I was there with them because of how vivid the flashes were in my minds eye.

I watched my parents working full time jobs to make sure food was on the table and struggle to pay the bills. I also experienced embarrassment and backlash from other kids at school because I was unable to afford the latest gadgets, the coolest shoes or the prettiest clothes. I was overwhelmed by the shame so I buried myself within my imagination and created a world where I could escape to when I felt unsafe. I created a world where I had loving parents. I created a world with a beautiful home. I created a world where I had friends that cared for me. I created a world where I helped people who had been in similar situations to my own in the ^real^ world. I was flourishing, I was prosperous and I was happy. At 9 years old I was dreaming, i was imagining and I was creating my reality that was to come to fruition now. My gift of imagination granted me the gift of foresight and manifestation. #dream #heartwarrior #imagination #gift #foresight #creation #create #imagine #flourish #prosperity #prosper #purpose #home #beautiful #world #gateway #shift #reality #realworld #struggle #embarrassment #growth #spreadyourwings #intuition #intuitive #future #prophecy #heal #healing


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