"Heeding The Call"

I know first hand that the work I do can be confronting to receive.

in order to heal, I had to confront the parts of myself that I refused to acknowledge.

My journey has been riddled with shame and self-harm. I’ve been immobilized by the fear that my past trauma will be rendered insignificant because I “allowed” it to happen. I turned to my church and begged for help but all I received was criticism, judgment and mockery.

This kept me quiet. This kept me submissive and it kept me disconnected from seeking help because I FELT I deserved to be kept in that dark place and continually punished. Alas, the heart warrior within was called forward and beckoned the darkness to come closer. Cradling these shadow wounds in a warm embrace allowed light to seep through and clarity was gifted.

I am here to beckon your darkness forward to heal. I am here to witness your trauma with love and understanding. I am here to awaken the warrior within you to begin healing. Are you ready to receive the call? If you feel this work calling to you, I invite you to reach out. 💖


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