“I think it’s wrong that you charge people for a Gift you received from God”.

These words struck a cord within me.

Throughout my time as a Healer I have experienced a lot of criticism because I charge people for my services. I’ve continually sought advise from other healers that had been in the business longer and they kindly shared their distaste for the remarks but it didn’t ease the burden weighing on me.

I decide to drop my prices in the hopes I wouldn’t receive any backlash. I was wrong.

Because I had lowered my pricing it also lowered the vibration that I was attracting clients at and this left me feeling drained and defeated. Majority of my work became pro bono and I was barely receiving enough to survive. I prayed to God for guidance on this matter and received inspiring insight that eased my burden and allows me to charge what I do today.

“Telling a psychic or a healer that it is wrong to receive money for their work because the work they do is God’s work is the exact same as telling people that you will not feed, clothe, wash and care for your child because they are a gift from God, God will take care of them.”

Just as you invest in a child’s talent to sing, their love of drawing or to further their education for a better future, the same investment has been acquired of people like me.

Through my connection to The Divine I was told; “You are reaping the rewards for the knowledge you have obtained through abuse, trauma and fear.”

To all of my Healer & Psychic friends, If you are battling with the belief that it is wrong for you to receive money for your services, I urge you to go up and seek council from your Higher power just as I have done.

Loving regards,



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