“In order to bare witness of another persons truth, you must first witness your own.”

As a Healer, I perceive the emotions of other people and am aware of their thoughts.

For a long time it was extremely overwhelming and I found myself doubting not only my Intuition, but my sanity.

I battled with the idea that if I told people about this, I would be locked away in a mental hospital.

I continually wrote off the thoughts & feelings I received as my own paranoia and criticism/judgement of others. No amount of accuracy was able to coerce me out of this fear paradigm so the more my gifts grew, the less stable I felt.

My saving grace was an Angel that comforted me in my pits of despair. She assisted me in calling forward this truth within myself and welcomed it into the light with open arms. She was able to witness my fear and thus, expose me to my truth because she had witnessed her own.

As the Phoenix is reborn from the ashes of its past, I too have been reborn.

By witnessing my own truth I have been gifted permission to witness this in others.


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