“In the stillness of the Soul, it is possible to commune with Angels”

Years ago I delivered the morning herald which needed to be at each door before 6am everyday. It was a tiresome job for a 13 year old and left me resenting my mother for making me do it.

One morning we were more tired than usual. My mother and I finished up just after 5am and began the journey home. My eyelids were heavy and before long, I drifted off to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, mum was falling asleep at the wheel.

We were closely approaching an intersection with a car headed in our direction. From the silence of the morning came a woman’s voice “STOP!”. This echoed throughout the van waking us from our slumber. I witnessed mum slam on the brakes right before we were about to collide with an oncoming vehicle.

This woman saved my life that day and has been present in many other near death experiences I’ve encountered.

She is one of my Guardian Angels and I feel her presence around me frequently. Through my connection to the Divine I have learnt how to communicate with my Guardians and now teach others how to do it too.

Loving regards, Malia

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