Steps to the Enlightenment Pathway

I know that every persons journey to enlightenment is different. We each have our own paths we must walk and at times, we feel alone. Through personal revelation and mindful observation of my own journey, i have found recurring patterns within my story. These steps showed themselves to me like raw uncut gemstones buried beneath the earth. To the naked eye they were clumps of clay and dirt. To me, they were ancient artifacts that needed to be studied and understood. How do you know the worth of a clump of clay and dirt if you aren't willing to explore the idea that it is of value?

Thus came the responsibility to clean away the dirt and polish the stones.

Cleaning method #1:

I've come to recognize that gratitude has the ability to shift our reality from one of struggle and strife, to one of opportunity and growth.

When our minds are reminded of the smaller successes that life brings, we are able to welcome in thoughts of compassion, kindness and acceptance.

Introducing gratitude into your daily rituals will expand your ability to manifest your hearts desires.

Cleaning method #2:

One of my biggest lessons in this lifetime is asking for help. I was considered the "Cinderella" of my family so as you can imagine, support and i were not on a first name basis.

After leaving the toxicity of my childhood i struggled to discern true friendship and found myself slinking back into old patterns of self-destruction. The light to signify the dawn came when i was finally able to recognize and receive the flow of support that was gathering around me. The more I flourish, the more support I require.

Cleaning method #3:

Growing up it was difficult to admit responsibility for my actions as the consequences varied between cussing, back hands, closed fists and vacuum poles. The ordeals were terrifying and left me writhing in fear for years following these experiences. During my journey to find my healing presence I've had to confront my past and call forth the truth from the destruction i had previously run away from. The call forward came with renewed self-awareness that allowed me to take accountability for my truth.


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