"The edge of the cliff"

Until I was standing at the edge of the cliff, I had never given much thought as to why I craved attention. I curbed my hunger through song. I enjoyed the way people fawned over my talents and absorbed all of the sadness. I feasted on their delight as my mournful tones touched deep within their hearts.

The love and affection I received was enough to drown out the void of rejection I had been harboring.

The attention I sought created a safe space to avoid my deepest wounds.

Eventually the glamour began to crack and I was left grasping at the pieces as it crumbled before my eyes.

I cradled my head in my hands as I knelt down in defeat. I cried to my Heavenly parents and called forward my Guardian Angels for protection as I surrendered my Soul.

As the glamour fell away, my Consciousness retreated to the Heavens and my body slumped lifeless against the embrace of one of my Guardians.

Before my consciousness returned to my body, I was shown how to heal my wounds through clear eyes. This awakening has enhanced my belief-in-self and in turn, magnified my Intuitive abilities.

I now offer this knowledge to my kindred-tribe. Are you ready to heal?

Loving regards, Malia

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