“The feeling of Home is offered when Peace is created within.”

Due to the lack of safety experienced in my home environment I often sought refuge in places outside of the home. I immersed myself in church study groups, school activities and musical performances to escape the nightmare I was being raised in. Moving forward into my early adult life, I was plagued with recurring patterns of the past. I thought I was meant to feel safe and less traumatised when I left home at 19 but the destruction followed in my wake, determined to set fire when I least expected. I was on edge, I kept everyone at arms length and I fought for things that were keeping me in these dark places. My social media was saturated with people professing their success and enjoyment for life. Yet here I was, struggling to pay my bills, searching for my next adrenaline fix and hoping that I would find peace of mind at the bottom of the next bottle of diet pills. In a final attempt to find resolution, I packed up my valuables and went in search for what I yearned for. I indulged in spirituality and meditation with the hopes that what these people were offering was the quick fix I had been looking for. To my dismay, no matter how much knowledge I obtained, I was still not grasping what I desired. As I sought guidance from above I heard a small voice whisper “Home”. I assumed this voice was telling me i wouldn’t find these things until I returned to my home in the heavens. My assumptions were silenced as I was swept up in a whirlwind of revelations over the following days. 🙏 I was searching for peace outside the home because I was creating situations in the home to relive my past trauma. 🙏 My distaste for being present in my home was also showing me how I did not want to be present in my body. 🙏 The attention and love I truly desired was from myself but I didn’t know how to receive it so this sent me into episodes of depression and anxiety. 🙏 My shadows have been safeguarding the truth for when I was finally ready to push beyond the limits I had set in place for myself. With my new awareness I was able to witness my shadow wounds and where they were created. Witnessing lit the way to creating a sanctuary of peace within my physical & spiritual home. #home #safe #spiritual #awakening #shadow #limits #sanctuary #depression #anxiety #awareness #refuge #church #meditation


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