"The Journey may seem long but sitting idle is longer"

My journey of the seen and unseen things of this universe began long before I was aware. However, the ThetaHealing(R) technique gifted me the opportunity to harness my intuition and obtain a deeper connection to the Divine.

As a Healer, Teacher and Divine Shadow Witness, I believe it is my duty to create opportunities and offer guidance to those that are seeking a deeper connection to their Higher Power.

I also believe that it is my Soul’s Purpose to teach my kindred-tribe how to commune with God and how to access their Intuitive abilities.

If you have continued reading until this point I have a special message for you ❤️: It is not enough anymore to sit idle on the fence waiting for the “right moment”.

You are needed NOW. Your Soul needs you to begin your journey of self-healing as tomorrow may be too late.

With so much love and compassion, Malia

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