“To receive Clarity, you must first be willing to face your shadow.”

I will be leading people down the same path that jolted my thirst for inner healing.

What I’ve come to realise is that no two workshops I teach are the same. Each class holds their own spiritual essence that deepens with each up-levelling I make.

For many years the workshop has been taught from the perspective of helping others heal, rather than learning to heal one’s self. I’ve witnessed students leave the workshop and struggle to work on themselves because of this perspective.

I felt immense shame because I couldn’t figure out why my teachings lacked clarity around self healing. I thought that by becoming overly involved in my students spiritual development I would be able to spontaneously fix whatever was missing.

I was exerting too much energy. I burnt myself out and still hadn’t established what the issue was...

“This is your fault. You are a liar! How do you not know how to fix this? What kind of spiritual teacher doesn’t know how to teach this? Are you even a real healer?” My shadow taunted.

The shadow wounds sought to unravel all I had cultivated, leaving behind distortion and sorrow.

Just as I was ready to accept defeat, my Heart Warrior was called forward. With a powerful vengeance, she brought the destruction to a rearing halt. Cradling the shadow gently, she beckoned the truth forward.

Calling forth the truth of my shadow restored clarity to the sacred Teacher within and established a new foundation to share with my kindred tribe.


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