“To receive, we must first accept.”

From a young age I questioned the authenticity of my personal prayers. I observed how some were short and repetitive with no conscious effort and others were thought provoking and emotional. I was taught that when we prayed we were opening up a direct line to God and that if we asked questions, we would receive answers. For the longest time I had absolutely no idea what that meant. I watched how others displayed prayerfulness and attempted to re-enacts their process. To my dismay I was met with silence and my own troubling thoughts of doubt. I was too ashamed to tell anyone that I had never communed with God like they taught in Sunday school. The fear of being judged sent my shame into overdrive so I kept this struggle a secret. My heart desired reassurance from God but it seemed I was phoning on a one way line. The breakthrough I had been searching for came when I chose to accept my Intuitive abilities. Through this acceptance I was able to access my connection to the Divine and commune with God directly. I now recognise that others are struggling with the same issue because they are afraid to call upon and trust their intuition. I believe that our Intuition is the spiritual toolkit connecting us to the Divine while we are walking this human existence. To deny that you have spiritual gifts means you are also denying your direct connection to God. Thus, silencing the replies when you are praying for answers. To receive you must first accept that you have spiritual gifts and that they were designed to uphold your connection to the Divine. #prayer #divine #god #highersource #connection #spiritualgifts #intuition #spiritualtoolkit #shame #acceptance #reassurance #commune #answers #abilities


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