“To understand the importance of emotions, we must first accept that we are allowed to feel.”

Throughout my childhood I was continually mocked and bullied by my family and friends for being sensitive. I would be called harsh names which became the words of my inner shadow whenever I expressed emotion.

The denial of my emotions was difficult for an empathic child such as myself. Being told not to express these wrecked havoc on my internal organs and the only safe option that remained was to shut them off completely.

I became numb to the inner turmoil and only recognised emotions when they were displayed in others. My empathic abilities soared as I grew older and reading the people around me became second nature.

Under the surface, my emotions were bubbling and beginning to rise at an uncontrollable rate. I built wall after wall to sustain the blow but nothing could have prepared me for the eruption that took place.

My pain, my fear, my anger and frustration.

All the feelings that had been denied flooded my body and caused a complete shutdown of my system.

From this dark place I heard a soothing voice call to me and beckon me back to my body. Now years later, I am a healer and advocate. I speak to, embrace, and call to heal the parts of my kindred tribe that have been shutdown, denied and wounded from similar experiences.

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