Empath Healer - The 13 Principles of Healing Presence

Empath Healer - The 13 Principles of Healing Presence


Product description: What if you could turn the “burden” of being an empath into a beautiful embodiment of your healing presence? An empath feels the feelings of other people within their own body, enabling us to appreciate first-hand the emotions and experiences of others. This wonderful ability allows us to instinctively ‘know’ another soul and to offer them a compassionate space where they can feel truly seen, heard and loved. However, in order to cultivate and understand our natural ability to offer healing presence, there are 13 significant shifts that we need to navigate in order to align with the highest purpose and power this gift can bestow. In “Empath Healer: The 13 Principles of Healing Presence”, Lysa Black uses her years of experience as a master empath to guide you to explore the purpose of your own empathic gift. You will cultivate your capacity to emanate healing presence, through a “fast-track” explanation of the 13 stages of empath acceptance and development. Your life – and the lives of those you help – will be healed and uplifted. Discover the meaning, purposeand power of your empathic abilities;and emanate a true healing presence.


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