What People are Saying


"I struggled with consistency and confidence in my ability to achieve my goals.

Since working with Malia I have learned how to receive support from myself emotionally and spiritually. I am happy to say that I have been achieving all of my goals that I've set and will be applying for the army in 2021."

Malka Ahir


"I reached out to Malia about her weight release coaching because I wanted to lose weight before my wedding in Dec 2020.

I am happy to say that I've lost 9.7kgs in 8 weeks. My health has improved and my sugar levels are returning to normal after being a type 2 diabetic for 4+ years."

Janaya Waitere


"I contacted Malia whilst going through quite a traumatic life event.

After a brief discussion she began helping me work through the emotions to understand what was going on and why it was happening. This led me to hiring her for mentoring.

Through her I learned how to deepen my own connection to the Creator and discern personal revelation by releasing past trauma.

I’m very grateful for Malia and her help in guiding me through this process, I’m so glad I reached out."

Maja Brooks


"I have always struggled with accepting myself.

By working with Malia I was shown how to create a safe space of acceptance and love for all the parts of me that I had ever felt shame for.

I now know who I am and accept ALL my wacky aspects of Jade because I am exactly who I am."

Jade Petaera