"Deep wounds have been healed and I finally feel safe to connect and authentically express myself.
 I cannot recommend her enough."

Whaea Rehua

"Malia's energy is so calming. She makes everything seem so simple after seeing her.

That's an amazing gift to have, let alone share. 
I highly recommended."

Malka Ahir

"Highly intuitive and thoughtful readings.
If your wanting guidance around manifestation and changing your thought patterns I would definitely get in touch with Malia."

Charm Skinner

"Walking into her presence is like coming home on Christmas, joyful and comforting.

Her gifts are incredible. After our session, my daughter and I have felt instant changes.
I highly recommend getting in touch with Malia for anyone who needs some loving guidance and help."

Karen Fletcher

"Her reverence, patience, wisdom and understanding are her greatest gifts. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life and the life’s of others"

Laura Sender Diez

My session was mind blowing to say the least. I highly recommend this lovely lady to do a session with you as I've been amazed at what I've got out of it."

Jenni Goodman-Poole

"I gained so much clarity and confidence working with Malia. She has helped me to trust and feel supported in owning and sharing my soul gifts."

Kathy Broadhead

"Her genuine demeanor has been enough for me to connect with her.
Her presence is calming."

Shelly Wadhwa

Highly recommend Spread Your Wings, Malia is so calm and compassionate. Her gifts are beautiful!

Deb Hallam

"I asked my guides to lead me to a person to help pinpoint my tummy issues.
They led me to Malia.

Tanya Miller

I have gotten to know Malia through her amazing meditation group. 
Malia showed true compassion and understanding for all my questions and uncertainties.
Her intuition is mind blowing."

Sam Gibson

"Malia provided a Safe, Secure and Supportive environment for my letting go to happen.
It was a very life changing experience."

Brooke Fenwick

"Malia is unbiased religiously, politically and spiritually.

She didn't tell me what i wanted to hear, she told me what i needed to hear."

Jayde Paetaera

"What an amazing experience.
Exactly what I needed to hear from spirit."

Kariva Tawhai

"The best guide to unlock a level of consciousness i didn’t know existed within me. Just simply encouraging and lovely to receive the best motivations to move through life."

Christina K. Chan


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